A Letter to our Parents

Thank you parents for your patience and understanding as we navigate these difficult decisions. Your support has been paramount to us during these times.

Dear Parents,

We hope this message finds you and your families healthy and safe during these difficult times. You are always in our thoughts as we all manage the ongoing stress and uncertainty of the past few months.

It is primarily this uncertainty that leads us to announce, today, that we are suspending our normal camp operations. What this means is that we won’t be operating the first half of the summer - 1st and 2nd term Homestead and 1st term for all other camps. However, we are going to wait for a month to make a final decision for the second half of the summer, including the 50th Year Reunion, to see if conditions change enough for us to make the CSC magic happen.

As always, the health and safety of our campers, staff, and our outside community is our top priority. As we evaluated this, and all other factors that would determine if we could effectively provide the CSC experience within the parameters required by a responsible virus response, there were just too many unknowns and variables at this point to consider first term operation.

We know this is as challenging for you as it is for us and, with your input, we explored all of our options.

  • We consulted with health care providers and heard a general consensus that current pandemic conditions and testing capabilities are not favorable to bringing our summer community together.
  • We spoke with state and local authorities who, with everything they have to manage, have not yet been unable to write opening guidelines for summer camps.
  • We constantly communicated internally and with fellow camp professionals and associations to determine that the necessary logistical adjustments that we would currently need to make aren’t conducive to reaching our goals.

Through all of this we search for the best ways to serve you. Because we have heard from you that you would like us to wait and because that remains possible, we will continue to explore the possibilities for 2nd term with the creativity and adaptability with which we always develop our programming.

Over the next month we’ll be looking for things like improvement in testing, clear guidance from our health officials, continued interest from our staff and campers, and positive trends in pandemic data. We will also continue to develop logistics and safety plans appropriate to this pandemic situation. We remain hopeful that options exist for 2nd term and we will let you know what our plan is on or before June 10th.

This was a hard decision for our year-round team, and for my family. It was an easy decision when it comes to protecting your family and our community in general.

We know these are hard decisions for you as well. We extend our deepest condolences and regret that we all have to make them and the result is that we won’t be able to provide a full summer of significance. We hope you’ll stay with us as we continue to evaluate the rapidly changing aspects of the pandemic and the possibility that we’ll be able to gather in the valley later in the summer.

That being said, we respect any decision you need to make for your family. For those of you that are able to continue to envision the possibilities for this summer, we appreciate your patience, understanding, support, and partnership. We will continue to approach our decisions with the utmost Care, with the Thoughtfulness that they deserve, and with a deep sense of our Responsibilities to our campers, our staff, and our wider community.

For those that are unable to change your schedule to enroll for the second half of the summer or feel you need to cancel your summer now for any reason, we want you to know that we will always value your role in the CSC community. We are so thankful that you chose us as your summer partner for these adventures in raising your campers, and we appreciate your patience and your commitment to our experience that you have made so far.

If you are unable to join us this summer, you and your campers will likely be feeling the challenging array of emotions that we all feel when considering the loss of our CSC summer – sadness, anger, confusion, and disappointment. All year we dream of a summer in the Red Creek Valley filled with the sounds of community fun and friendship and it is natural and important to just grieve for its loss.

We understand, and we offer our love and support. If you’ll allow some informed advice, we recommend that you let your campers sit with their grief without placating them, minimizing or redirecting their feelings, or problem solving, as it is so easy for us to do when our children are upset. Simple empathic statements, allowing them time to come to you, and sincere expressions of your own emotions will help them get through this.

We will miss your family this summer. We know our campers are strong and will be able to adapt, improvise, and overcome these challenges. We’ve seen them do it at camp. We will all look forward to the fun and friends and freedom of a CSC summer in 2021.

These will be challenging financial times for all of us and we feel it is important to suspend our usual cancellation policies and offer a full range of options. We will be asking for help to move us into 2021 in a healthy way, if you are able. To help you move forward to 2021 we will also be offering refunds for those that need them. Early next week we will send you an email explaining your 2020 tuition options and processes. Please see 2020 Tuition Options for more information.

We want to stay connected with you even if we aren’t going to be together this summer. You can expect a phone call from us over the next week to see how you are all doing. You may also schedule a zoom call with Clay Colvig who will be available most of Friday and Saturday to talk to campers and parents. Just email a request with some time options to office@colvigsilvercamps.com
and we’ll set that up. This can also happen later and you can call anytime as well. We expect the phones will be pretty busy over the next week but you will find many answers to specific questions on our by visiting 2020 Suspension FAQs. We will also continue our Friday Rendez-Zooms and will be developing other ways to keep us all connected this summer.

Thank you all for being a part of the CSC family. We send love and peace from the Red Creek Valley. Be well. Be strong. Be caring, thoughtful, and responsible.

Clay Colvig and the CSC Crew