2020 Suspension FAQs

Please review these FAQs as we hope they should answer many of your questions. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us.

Why the decision to cancel 1st Term and suspend 2nd Term?

As always, the health and safety of our staff, campers, families, and communities has been and will remain our priority. It has become apparent that the outlook for the next 4 to 8 weeks concerning the COVID-19 pandemic does not present an environment where we can safely operate our program for the first part of the summer. The current guidance, restrictions, and available resources are not favorable enough to consider 1st Term operation. These are factors we hope will have changed enough by early June to allow us to consider lifting the suspension on 2nd Term.

When will you decide on 2nd Term and how will I know?

We have decided that on or before June 10th, we will make a final decision on whether or not we can lift the suspension for 2nd Term. It is possible that we get all the information we need earlier, for better or for worse, and make the decision before June 10th. We will communicate with everyone via email when a decision is made. The inability to lift the suspension on 2nd Term would result in the cancellation of all 2020 regular summer programming.

How will you decide if you can lift the suspension for 2nd Term?

The criteria that led us to the decision to cancel 1st Term will mainly drive our decision for 2nd Term, and those criteria will not change. We will still have to follow local, state, or national guidance or directives, determine if operation is logistically viable, or determine if operation is socially responsible. What could change to allow us to lift the suspension on 2nd Term would be significant developments and positive trends in active cases of COVID-19, available resources, and management protocols over the next 4 to 8 weeks that could increase safety measures for operation.

What happens if 2nd Term is canceled too?

We would begin preparing to be back, bigger, and better than ever, in 2021! We would set our sights on 2021 enrollment, programming, and operating procedures, and take advantage of these summer months to make site improvements and work on-site beautification.

What does this mean for 1st term campers?

We hope that many of our 1st Term campers may be able to switch to 2nd Term. We currently have availability in 2nd Term. 1st Term campers switching will be placed on a waitlist for 2nd Term as we navigate cabin capacities and staffing needs. It saddens us that some 1st Term campers will not be able to switch and thus not be able to attend camp this summer. We will do everything we can to support those campers through these difficult times, and we will anxiously await their return in 2021!

What are the options for 2020 tuition in the case of cancellation?

Please visit Tuition Options for this information.

What does this mean for Pathfinders missing out on their last summer?

We understand that it would be a huge disappointment for these Pathfinders. We are currently developing ideas and plans that might allow these Pathfinders to complete their final summer as a camper in 2021.

What does this mean for the summer staff?

We have reached out to all staff to notify them of this decision. Our summer staff is shaping up to be an excellent one, and we hope we can retain as many of them as possible for the shortened season. We understand that these decisions may change their circumstances and that they may decide to do something else this summer. We will wholeheartedly support them in whatever decisions they need to make. We are asking and hoping that they might be available to join us for the new schedule this summer. If we can lift the suspension, they will arrive in late June for a 14-day staff training period. If we are unable to operate this summer, all job offers for 2020 will remain good for 2021.

If camp operates, will it be different than a typical summer?

In most ways, no, but in some ways, yes. Camp will still be a place to see old friends share experiences, go on trips, build new friendships, and have lots of camp fun. Camp will have to follow guidelines and restrictions from local and state health agencies as well as adhere to ACA guidelines for operation this summer. We may not be able to hug at camp. We probably will need to maintain 6 feet of distance outside of our immediate groups. Camp dances may look a lot different or may not be allowed to happen. Meals may only be with your age-group. We will have to keep everything as clean and pristine as possible. And we may all have to wear masks.

How will you increase safety if camp does operate?

We know this summer, and possibly future summers might look a little different when it comes to health and safety procedures. Currently, we are awaiting guidance, due sometime in May, from the American Camp Association (ACA) and the State of Colorado to develop specific procedures and protocols. In general, we are planning for increased availability and access to hand-washing and sanitation, limiting group sizes and interactions, practicing social distancing, as well as considering the possibility of wearing masks at camp. Other changes may include staggered drop-offs and pick-ups, separate meal times for age groups, and restructuring final cookouts and final campfires. We will do everything possible to increase the safety of our camp community.

How might widespread testing affect your decisions?

Widespread testing that we could have available for camp operations would be a huge plus. A development of this caliber would change the landscape in our decision making for the better. Those tests would need to be plentiful and rapid. We would need results in a few hours to be useful to our operations. We hope something like this could be available in time for 2nd Term.

How are you planning to handle a case or probable case of COVID-19 at camp?

We are currently brainstorming likely scenarios for how we may be able to care for and isolate an ill camper or staff member. We will begin with our current plans and requirements for infectious diseases at camp. Primarily, we are waiting for the guidelines from the ACA and the State of Colorado to guide us in developing these practices for COVID-19 specifically. Once we have those guidelines, we will work them into our community and health protocols. It is likely that if we have a case or probable case of COVID-19 that that person will be isolated for the recommended duration of time and will only have interaction with medical staff. Parents should be prepared for the possibility of picking up their campers at any time this summer.

What does this mean for the 50th Summer Reunion?

The 50th Summer Reunion is still a ways out and we are still determining our approach to the reunion.

What about virtual camp experiences?

We will continue to offer our CSC Rendez-zoom virtual campfires and are currently exploring more virtual options for community engagement. This may include virtual vespers, videos of camp beautification projects, or fun care packages! We also want to hear from you about what you are up to this summer. Please share your photos and videos with us!

You are asking for donations, are they tax-deductible?

Colvig Silver Camps is a small, for-profit, family business, and cannot provide the same tax benefits that non-profit entities can offer to donors. Any funds left with us in the form of a donation would not be tax-deductible. The road ahead will be challenging for many camps, and though many camps are non-profit entities, the reality is that all camps will be facing similar challenges over the next few years. If you are able to provide support for our operations, or help fund a project this summer by leaving your 2020 paid tuition with us in the form of a donation, we would be eternally grateful.

What does this mean for the year-round staff? What will they do this summer?

Currently, we are busy revising our policies and exploring options for increasing safety for possible 2nd Term operation. We will continue to offer virtual campfires and are researching additional, online engagement activities for campers, families, and staff. If camp is unable to run, we will be working hard on camp beautification projects this summer, to make the site and facility better than ever for summer 2021!

I have more questions, how do I get ahold of you?

We are planning to reach out to every family individually to field questions and check-in. You are welcome to give us a call at 970-247-2564 or send us an email at office@colvigsilvercamps.com too!