2020 Tuition Options & Refunds

If we are unable to operate this summer, or necessary changes don't work for your schedules or summer goals, families will have different options for how to handle the tuition they have paid for 2020.

The next steps

In these strange times we must all adapt and improvise to overcome our challenges. Towards this end we feel it is appropriate to disregard our usual cancellation policies to give families the most flexibility in determining what they would like to do with their funds.

Families will receive an email by the end of next week detailing their options for their 2020 tuition. The email will contain a link to a form where families can make their choices.

We will be able to work with families to arrange a process of refunding the amount of their program fees that they desire. While this is a summer camp, we expect that you also understand the amount of annual work that goes into that short period of intense magic. The foundation of our off-season is a 10-month financial effort that keeps it all afloat. What this means is that it would take us time to be able to refund everyone’s full tuition with a fair amount of that tuition already expended in preparation for the summer. We will develop a repayment schedule for refunds, but the repayment schedule will not be formalized until we have made a decision on 2nd Term operation. We anticipate it will take about 8 months for us to complete the refund process.

We will have options for families to receive partial or full refunds. On some level, families have given CSC a short term loan in advance of providing a service, and if camp cannot provide that service, refunds, are then, in order. We believe the decision to offer full refunds is right, and realize it will create a financial burden for CSC to resolve over the next few years.

For this reason, we will have the additional options to rollover your paid tuition to be applied as a credit to 2021 or donate your paid tuition to help support our operations and the Red Creek Valley in a year without camp.

Colvig Silver Camps is a small, for-profit, family business, and cannot provide the same tax benefits that non-profit entities can to donors. Any funds left with us in the form of a donation would not be tax-deductible. While both types of camps operate in similar ways with similar budgets, and both will have financial challenges over the next few years, it will be harder for for-profit camps to fundraise to recover from tuition losses.

We are very appreciative of those of you who have preemptively offered to donate your 2020 tuition to offset operating costs or roll your tuition over to summer 2021. We are incredibly grateful for your desire to help ensure a viable, healthy CSC looking forward.

Thank you CSC Families!

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, and for choosing us in this adventure of growing up!