Covid-19 and CSC

We are excited about next summer and once again running our traditional overnight summer programs in a manner consistent with state and local guidance as we did in 2021 and 2022 with success. This may require some adjustments to our typical operation, and with our mission as our guide, we are committed to finding solutions to provide our usual summer of significance once again in 2023. Please view our 2023 Covid-19 Update for more information.

2023 Covid-19 Update

Our Approach for 2023

  • Communicable diseases present a wide range of risks to the camp experience and our summer community. We live and play in close proximity in the same manner as a family unit, making it hard to manage the spread of illness. We have always had a communicable disease plan for preventing and managing illness and the past two summers we implemented successful Covid-19 (CV19) specific plans and procedures to manage the additional risk. Our 2023 plan is to integrate our remaining CV19 specific plans and procedures into our established communicable disease plan focused on the prevention and management of all illness. Two of the remaining CV19 specific protocols of note are the requirement for a positive CV19 camper to be removed from camp by parents for the period of contagion and the allowance for unvaccinated campers to attend camp with higher level quarantine requirements if they are exposed to CV19. As the situation around CV19 and communicable diseases continues to evolve and change on a regular basis, all policies and protocols are subject to change per CDC recommendations or if the risk-level of camp’s community is compromised or increases.


  • In 2023, campers and staff at CSC will be required to have the required vaccinations/immunizations before arrival at camp according to the Colorado Certificate of Immunization for Schools and Child Care. In addition, and based on current conditions or developments around Covid-19, CSC is highly recommending campers to be up-to-date on their Covid-19 vaccination (per CDC recommendations). We are no longer accepting campers and staff with medical or non-medical exemptions. All staff will be required to up-to-date on their Covid-19 vaccination status. Any changes to these policies would be dictated by a significant change in conditions surrounding Covid-19. We continue to review our policies surrounding Covid-19 for 2023 and will update families if there are any changes or developments. For additional information please read Our Immunization & Vaccination Story.

Read the 2023 Covid-19 Update

CSC will continue to monitor and evaluate the current situation concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic and develop and update our health and safety protocols per current guidance and under the advisement of healthcare professionals and our local health organizations.

2023 Covid-19 Update