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Thank you for your interest in working at Colvig Silver Camps. We are currently accepting applications for 2016. Please peruse the next few pages to learn more about specific employment options by clicking on 'More Information' below. If you think that CSC is the place for you for the summer of 2016, please fill out the online application form here or contact us via email (pd@colvigsilvercamps.com) or phone (970.247.2564) for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

--Tyler Dixon, Assistant Director

Important Dates for 2016 CSC Staff:
Nurse and Wranglers/Expedition Coordinators Arrival Day: May 21st
Program Coordinator and Pathfinding Instructor Arrival Day: May 23rd
Arts and Crafts/Climbing Coordinator and Photographer Arrival Day: May 27th

All Staff Training: May 30th
First Term: June 9th - July 7th
Mid Summer Break: July 7th - 9th

Second Term: July 11th - August 8th
Last Staff Day: August 9th

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Key Attributes of CSC Program Staff:
Creativity: we rely on our program staff to not only lead traditional summer camp activities, but also to arrive at camp with a wealth of activity ideas. Be prepared to brainstorm and plan!
Tirelessness: this is a 24 hour per day job and you will constantly be on the move
Patience: working with children on this type of schedule requires more patience than you can imagine
Flexibility: at camp, things very often don't go as planned - are you able to keep smiling and adjust?
Positive Attitude: rain or shine, tired or energetic, as planned or winging it, keeping a positive attitude is essential
Fun-Loving Spirit: above all, summer camp is about fun - if you're having fun, your campers will be too
Responsibility: you are responsible for the health and well-being of your campers at all times
Sense of Humor: in order to deal with the hectic pace of camp, the ability to laugh at yourself and the world around you is essential

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