Summer Positions

We are always accepting applications for Head and Assistant Counselors! Please contact us to inquire about open spots for other positions.

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Counselor and Trip Leader Positions

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Head Counselor

Minimum Age: 21
Salary: $2000, plus room, board and laundry
Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of Head Counselors is to ensure the physical safety and emotional well-being of campers in their care. Specific duties can be broken down into three categories: living in a cabin with 4-6 campers; planning and leading both traditional and innovative in-camp activities; and co-leading 3-5 day out-of-camp wilderness trips.

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Assistant Counselor

Minimum Age: 18
Salary: $1800, plus room, board and laundry
Responsibilities: Assistant Counselors (AC’s) live in a cabin with one Head Counselor and 4-6 campers. The AC provides supplemental leadership along with and in the absence of their Head Counselor. AC’s will lead some activities and lead all trips with Head Counselors. AC’s are also responsible for dishwashing, lodge/kitchen clean-up, regular garbage runs, laundry delivery, and administrative office tasks, all on a scheduled rotating basis.

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Pathfinding Instructor

Minimum Age: 21
Salary: $3000, plus room, board and laundry
Requirements: WFR Certification
Responsibilities: Pathfinding Instructors are responsible for leading a group of 6-12 campers, grades 9-11, on a four week wilderness expedition through alpine terrain in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. Responsibilities include being aware of and tending to physical and emotional safety and well-being of campers, teaching basic outdoor skills (e.g. low-impact camping, map and compass), preparing trip menus and working with Expedition Coordinators, working with Program Directors to communicate needs and issues that may arise within the group, facilitating camper leadership roles, and continuously working on positive group dynamics.

Be a Counselor and lead amazing trips
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Support Staff Positions

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Minimum Age: 21 for Head Wrangler, 18 for Assistant Wrangler
Salary: $2300 for Head Wrangler/$2000 for Assistant Wrangler, plus room, board and laundry
Responsibilities: The wranglers’ primary responsibility is for the safety and welfare of campers (ages 7-17) taking part in our Western riding program. Riding groups will typically include 6-10 campers and at least one counselor. Counselors will be responsible for managing camper behavior, enabling the wranglers to focus on instruction in the ring and on the trail.

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Expedition Coordinator

Minimum Age: 21
Salary: $2300, plus room, board and laundry
Responsibilities: The Expedition Coordinator is responsible for planning menus and keeping and packing food and equipment for all expedition trips leaving camp. Food is packed following prescribed menu guidelines, and equipment includes standard camping gear (packs, stoves, fuel, cooking utensils, tents, etc.) as well as special equipment (bicycles, canoes, life jackets, paddles, etc.) We offer a wide variety of trips for all age levels (7-17).

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Arts and Crafts Coordinator

Minimum Age: 21
Salary: $2100, plus room, board and laundry
Responsibilities: The “Art Barn” Coordinator develops arts & crafts programs for all age levels (7-17) and supervises the Art Barn while campers are involved in projects. This will include setting up work areas for specific crafts, coordinating materials and supplies, scheduling groups and projects with input from other staff, giving creative direction to campers and staff, and making sure that everything is put away and organized after each project.

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Climbing Coordinator

Minimum Age: 21
Salary: $2100, plus room, board and laundry
Responsibilities: The Rock Climbing/Ropes Course Coordinator is responsible for planning and leading all aspects of our rock climbing and ropes/challenge course programs. This includes an in-camp climbing wall, several initiatives activities, a variety of in-camp natural rock climbs, day trips to a local climbing area, and overnight trips to more extensive climbing areas. All natural rock that we currently use is sandstone.


Minimum Age: 18
Salary: $1800, plus room, board, and laundry
Responsibilities: The Photographer’s primary responsibility is to take high quality pictures of both campers and staff throughout the day; manage, edit, and upload the pictures onto the internet; label and organize photos for future use; and to produce various slide shows both during the summer and in the fall. The photographer must be very mobile and thorough each day in order to get as many quality pictures of camp’s activities as possible. During the summer, these pictures are uploaded every evening for parents and friends to enjoy, and then are used for marketing and gifts later in the year.


Minimum Age: 21
Salary: $3000, room, board, and laundry
Responsibilities: The cook’s primary responsibility is to assist the Head Chef in the preparation, management, and safe handling of all in camp meals at the Lodge. Cooks will work directly with the Head Chef and Prep Cooks to help prepare meals for up to 200 people per term. Cooks should be prepared to spend long hours in the kitchen. They will be responsible for pre-meal preparations, serving and refilling the meal dishes, managing and ordering kitchen inventory, and overseeing kitchen safety and health standards.


Minimum Age: 21
Salary: $4500
Requirements: Colorado RN License
Responsibilities: Each summer we hire one full time, residential nurse. Our nurse position is tailored to provide the camp community with optimum health care in a unique environment. Health care support includes a staff certified in, at minimum, CPR and Wilderness First Aid, ambulance and helicopter access to a nearby hospital, and a 24-hour on call camp physician. Out of state applicants would need to be able to get certification to practice in the state of Colorado