Our Mission & Philosophy

Our mission, “To facilitate the development of caring, thoughtful, and responsible human beings,” is the driving force behind what we do at Colvig Silver Camps.

The summer camp experience is very important to us

As schools and sports focus on an academic and physical education throughout the school year, we focus on developing the relational skills it takes to be successful in today’s world. We believe that summer camp gives children the best opportunity to build their interpersonal skills, challenge themselves socially, mentally and physically, and to grow into successful human beings.

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Our philosophy is community driven, non-competitive, choice-based, and outdoor oriented. It is designed to develop independence, responsibility, teamwork, leadership qualities, relational skills, and decision-making skills over the course of a longer camp term. We strongly believe that the 2 and 4 week long terms in addition to the challenge, fun, and adventure inherent to outdoor pursuits provide the best opportunities to achieve these outcomes.

Experiences in nature are the driving force behind our philosophy, whether in camp or out on the trail, campers are continuously building a solid foundation of life skills that will help them succeed both socially and academically.

Our Summer Staff, the Key Ingredient

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Our summer staff is comprised of caring, thoughtful, and responsible young professionals who are dedicated to youth development.

CSC draws applicants who are outdoor oriented and have unique, engaging programming ideas to offer. The CSC staff encourage campers to learn new skills and stretch their imagination in a safe, challenge-by-choice environment. With a 3:1 camper to staff ratio, counselors are able to make strong connections with their cabins while they foster each camper’s leadership skills and unique personal strengths.

Our Site & Location

Colvig Silver Camps lies in the Red Creek Valley at the foot of the rugged San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. Our 600-acre site ranges from 7,200 to 8,000 in elevation and consists of a Cottonwood valley, open hay fields, and Ponderosa forest. With an average high of 85 and almost 300 sunny days a year, our cool, clear, dry climate is ideal for a summer adventure.

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Our site is bordered on three sides by the San Juan National Forest and provides access to some of the most pristine, beautiful, and diverse wilderness on the planet. Within just a few hours we can explore a wide variety of topographies, from the bottom of a rock canyon in the Utah desert to the top of a Colorado 14,000 ft mountain. The nearest town, just 10 miles away, is the historic western town of Durango, CO, located in the Animas River Valley and known largely for offering many outdoor recreation opportunities in addition to the historic Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. The primary airport for southwest Colorado also lies just 20 minutes from camp.

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Land Acknowledgement

Colvig Silver Camps acknowledges, with respect, that the land on which we operate our programs is the ancestral land and territory of the Nuuchiu (Ute), Diné (Navajo) Pueblos of New Mexico, Hopi Sinom (Hopi), and Jicarilla Abache (Apache) people past and present. We are committed to recognizing, understanding, and celebrating the land’s original stewards and their history.


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Associations and Partnerships

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