Coed | Grades 8th or 9th Completed

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The Program

Boys and girls ages 14 – 15 experience rewarding trips in the backcountry with the guidance and support of Outpost counselors. Outpost campers see some of the most pristine views in the San Juan Mountains and Utah canyon country as they begin learning the basics of wilderness travel and exploration from their counselors.

Cabins are named after 14,000 foot peaks and resemble an antique bunkhouse that provides them a home base and hang out for when they return from their expeditions in the backcountry. In between expeditions, Outpost campers participate in a wide range of fun and engaging camp activities. The 4-week duration is essential to allowing Outpost campers to discover themselves as they learn to navigate the social landscapes present at that age.

The memories I have at this place are unforgettable and the friends I made will last forever.

CamperBellaire, TX

The Expeditions

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Outpost campers choose 4 backcountry trips throughout the term, the first is a 3-day overnight near camp where their backcountry travel skills are instilled or refined and expectations are laid out for higher levels of responsibility within the group. They then have two 4-day camping trips with options to explore every part of the Four Corners region that include rock canyon expeditions in Utah, peak climbs and high alpine hikes in the San Juan Mountains, Raft trips on the Gunnison or Colorado Rivers, technical rock climbing trips to climbing areas further away from camp, and community service opportunities restoring damaged trails on 14,000 foot mountains with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative.

A few of outpost’s trips include:

  • Chicago Basin: A 4-day journey to the beautiful and famous Chicago Basin. Climb a 14,000 ft. peak, see a mountain goat, or bask in the mountain sun.
  • Gunnison Rafting: A 4-day float down the Lower Gunnison River or the Colorado River. Day hike to some cool water holes, and jump into the refreshing cool water.
  • Grand Gulch: A 5-day exploration through the famous Grand Gulch. Experience a beautiful canyon, find shade amongst the cottonwood trees, and explore ancient ancestral pueblo ruins.

The culmination of the camp experience is a 5-day backpack into the farthest reaches of our region with a group of lifelong friends that includes their counselors who have spent four weeks living with them and guiding their adventures.

The Activities

Outpost staff work diligently to provide campers with memorable and valuable experiences by getting to know their campers as individuals and helping them set and achieve their goals. Outpost gives campers an opportunity to grow together through shared interests, skill development, and community-based leadership. Between expeditions, Outpost campers return to camp for a few days to relax with some in-camp fun. Each Outpost session offers two Explorations, three-part progressive activities designed to build new skills, inspire confidence, and have fun in the outdoors.

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These activities include a mix of traditional and creative options that range from horseback riding, rock climbing, aquatic sports, and target sports to building a special Outpost fort or playing various instruments in a garage-style band. Daily free-choice activities give the campers opportunities to learn new things they haven’t tried in their Explorations yet. At night, Outpost campers participate in traditional camp activities like cookouts, campfires, dances, and team building exercises. During the term, campers participate in two special event days where campers of all ages come together to play exciting games and partake in adventures, which gives the Outpost campers a chance to experience being role models among the camp community.