Be a part of our pastimes

Every summer Colvig offers unique programming and new, exciting activities. Our traditions, however, have been here since the beginning!

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Counselors and campers will plan fun songs and skits to share with their fellow campers and staff at the campfire.


A unique cabin inspection. An unknown staff member (the Phantom) will dress up to be unrecognizable and go to each cabin to inspect for cleanliness and organization. The Phantom will choose the cleanest cabin, whom will receive a tasty treat at lunch. Campers will get an opportunity at lunch to try and guess which staff member was the Phantom.

Letters Home

Campers will write letters home to parents once a week.

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Kangaroo Kourt

At the end of the term, Kangaroo Kourt is held. A fun way to celebrate the uniqueness of each camper. A camper may be guilty of always smiling, and may be sentenced to try and not smile at dinner that evening.


Dances at camp are fun and energetic, and focus primarily on being yourself and enjoying everyone’s company.

We see CSC as a very warm, welcoming, and supportive place. Small and intimate groups allow personal, encouraging interaction, along with highly skilled staff and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.

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A time of self–reflection. Staff and campers will be prompted with a quote, idea or thought and have an opportunity to share their personal reflections from their experience at camp with their fellow campers and staff.


Each camper will take home a Plaque, designed and created just for them by their counselor. Campers hold on to Plaques for their whole lives. Plaques contain personal meaning to each camper. Counselors work hard all term long to create meaningful relationships with their campers, and the Plaque is where counselors share the meaning of those relationships with the camper.

Final Campfire

The evening before camper departure day, we have the final cookout and campfire. Parents arrive in the afternoon to meet up with their kids and hear all the stories from the past weeks. At the Final Campfire counselors will present Plaques to their campers, and speak uniquely to each camper’s character and person.

Colorado Stars

The camp song. Camp will never end without singing Colorado Stars surrounded by your camp friends.

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Every summer our campers look forward to taking part in their favorite camp traditions. Whether they’re dressing up, performing, or socializing over some burgers, Colvig traditions give campers opportunities to express themselves creatively and celebrate one another’s uniqueness.