Inclusivity at CSC

At Colvig Silver Camps, we are committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where you are accepted and celebrated for being you.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Colvig Silver Camps is committed to incorporating our mission of facilitating the development of caring, thoughtful, and responsible human beings into our summer programs. This includes creating an inclusive camp community that welcomes and celebrates diversity. Colvig Silver Camps is an organization that supports youth and staff for who they are.

We accept campers and staff regardless of race, color, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability (assuming that any differently-abled conditions permit full participation in the CSC experience), faith or religion, cultural observance, national or ethnic origin, family status, appearance, body type/size, educational background, and any other characteristic that makes our community unique.

Colvig Silver Camps prohibits any form of harassment or discrimination based on race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, appearance, religion, ancestry, gender expression, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, differently-abled condition, military status, or any characteristic protected by law.

We understand the importance of creating an environment that is filled with positive role models and encouraging the adoption of one’s authentic self. We are constantly taking steps to create a space where all of our campers and staff can practice inclusion and experience growth.

Equity Statement

The Colvig Silver Camps experience is focused around a space where campers and staff can be themselves. We have had the privilege of operating for over 50 years and during that time we have had a variety of campers and staff pass through our doors. We are aware that many potential families and staff members have not had access to camp nor felt comfortable with the idea of camp. One of our priorities is expanding access to Colvig Silver Camps for all groups of people and ensure that a Summer of Significance can be experienced by all. We are continuing our path of growth and understand that creating a truly accessible and inclusive program is an ongoing process.

Examples of our commitment to equity include:

  • Having a highly competitive pay rate for the summer camp industry
  • Removing financial barriers for families wanting to attend camp by growing our scholarship program.
  • Working with historically disadvantaged communities to help their youth attend camp.
  • 2023 staff training that include topics such as DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), indigenous history, and mental health.

Gender Inclusivity

Campers and staff of all genders are welcome at Colvig Silver Camps. We strive to serve transgender, nonbinary, gender fluid, and gender nonconforming campers. While camp has historically been and remains divided by sex, some camp cohorts and all camper/staff housing are single-gender – we know that our community of campers and staff includes gender identities that do not fall into the gender binary or an individual’s gender identity may not match their assigned sex. We strive to make sure our campers and staff feel comfortable and validated, regardless of gender. The ways in which we are able to structurally address gender identity within our residential programs is constantly evolving, and our goal is to ensure all people feel safe regardless of their gender expression. Any transgender or gender-expansive individual who wishes to keep their gender identity private has the right so do, and we will not share that information with anyone except appropriate staff when applicable. For more information or specifics about inclusivity at CSC, please contact our office via phone or email.

If you have any additional questions about inclusivity at CSC or would like to discuss how we may be able to best support your camper at CSC, please reach out to us at 970-247-2564.