The Staff Experience

A window into our community of caring, thoughtful and responsible human beings.

What it takes to be a part of our community

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We need you to…

  1. Always put campers’ experiences before your own
  2. Work with campers of various ages and abilities, and provide guidance to each on a regular basis
  3. Always be aware of your campers’ emotions, interactions, and behavior in order to keep everyone safe and facilitate growth in each camper
  4. Have the intuition to make the best and safest decisions in camp and on the trail
  5. Be comfortable being silly, goofy, and embarrassing yourself in front of others

You will...

Influence the life of a child

  1. You’ll make your priority your campers’ safety, health and happiness at camp and on the trail
  2. You’ll get to know each of your campers as unique individuals
  3. You’ll show campers the meaning of respect and social responsibility among their peer group
  4. You’ll help campers work through individual and social challenges within the cabin
  5. You’ll lend an ear to your campers anytime they need your attention
  6. You’ll encourage them to challenge themselves on the trail
  7. You’ll teach campers the importance of a clean cabin, good hygiene and manners
  8. You’ll set the example in all areas of camp life with your campers and fellow staff

You will...

Live in the mountains

  1. You’ll live in a cabin with 4 – 6 campers of the specific age group where you are chosen to work
  2. You’ll lead campers on multi-day backpacking trips in the mountains and canyons
  3. You’ll maintain good hygiene and make sure your campers are doing the same
  4. You’ll follow and enforce our safety policies and procedures
  5. You’ll help your campers pack properly for their trips so that they are fully prepared
  6. You’ll lead your campers through their day from waking up to lights out
  7. You’ll create and lead activities on a daily basis both in the morning and afternoon
  8. You’ll maintain a clean cabin environment that encourages respect for self and others
  9. You’ll create a cozy and welcoming environment for your campers
  10. You’ll take good care of yourself, get sleep, drink water, and make wise use of time-off

You will...

Express the connections you've made with campers

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Campers really enjoy the Plaques their Counselors make them. They hold onto them for a lifetime.
  1. You’ll write handwritten letters home to your campers’ parents once a week
  2. You’ll make sure your campers also write home to their parents once a week
  3. You’ll keep track of your campers’ daily activities and trips and record their feelings and outcomes
  4. You’ll plan and prepare properly for each of the activities you lead
  5. You’ll make a plaque for each of your campers at the end of the term

The Support Staff

How does Support Staff differ from the Counseling Staff?

Support Staff will also Influence the life of a child, Live in the mountains, and Express the connections they’ve made with campers, but in different capacities corresponding with their specific program area and job responsibilities. Members of support staff typically live in a cabin of their own or bunk with another member of support staff. Please refer to each individual support staff job description on the Summer Positions page for information on specific responsibilities.