Let's get to it,
You will have fun.

That’s Right! Fun! and lots of it!

Going to camp is a big deal! And we want you to feel good about going to camp just as much as we want your parents to feel good about sending you. Let’s first get some of those questions answered…

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How will you make friends?

Honestly, you won’t have to ‘make friends’ as much as great friendships will just kind of happen. Camp is the perfect environment to not only make new friends naturally, but also to learn how to make friends! Your counselors will lead the way in creating situations, leading activities and trips that will naturally pave the way for great friendships to be made between new campers and return campers, new campers and other new campers, and return campers and other return campers.

Can a friend come with me to camp?

Yes! They are very welcome and if you are in the same grade we can make sure you both are in the same cabin if you want. We will also make sure that you each have individually, valuable camp experiences.

Can I choose what I do?

Absolutely! We believe choice is very important when it comes to summer camp. You will be able to choose which activities and trips you would prefer to do over other activities and trips on a daily basis. You want to go horseback riding, you can go horseback riding. You want to go rock climbing, you can go rock climbing. You want to kayak in the lake, you can kayak in the lake. You can climb a 14,000 foot peak, explore ancient ruins, discover a crystal clear alpine lake, lead an improv game at the campfire…you will have multiple options for activities and trips and you can decide which one you want to do the most!

What’s the food like?

The food is wonderful, a point of pride for us and a highlight of the camp experience for most campers. Just ask one. Food is an important part of our daily routine and we recognize the value of eating good food that we all enjoy. Our food is kid friendly while supplying all the necessary nutrients.

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Can I keep snacks in my cabin?

Food and snacks can only be kept at the lodge where food is safe so no furry visitors invade living spaces.

Can I use my phone at camp?

We find that phones are a distraction to the camp experience. We will collect your phone on the first day of camp to keep it safe for the summer and return it to you at the end of camp. Many campers have described how much they enjoy disconnecting from their phones and technology for the summer. They describe a level of peace they don’t typically experience that allows them to have more fun and make better friends while they are here.

Where will I sleep and live?

You will live in a cabin with one or two counselors and 4-6 campers. Cabins differ throughout camp, but all are cozy structures that have comfy beds and mattresses, windows, and nearby bathrooms and common areas. You will have your own bunk (you can choose top or bottom bunk) and you are welcome and encouraged to bring things to make your cabin and bunk feel like home (e.g. pictures of friends, posters, blankets, etc.).

What if I really don’t like hiking?

That’s okay. Sometimes it’s a challenge. We encourage every camper to try new things and experience nature through hiking and backpacking. We hope you will give it a chance as there is so much to enjoy as a result of the effort in getting there. When it comes to trip options there is typically a trip that is a little easier or not hiking-based at all (e.g. tubing, canoeing, rafting and/or climbing).