Coed | Grades 2nd, 3rd or 4th Completed

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The Program

Our youngest adventurers learn how to make new friends, discover self-confidence, learn independence, and begin to grow an appreciation for the outdoors. Homestead cabins are designed to resemble the main avenue of an old western town and capture the courageous spirit of the pioneers. In addition to a wide variety of activities and trips to choose from, Homestead campers will also help out with morning chores like feeding and watering the small farm animals or helping set up for breakfast at Homestead.

The two-week Homestead session is a great introductory length of time for young campers to gain new experiences and have fun away from home allowing them to develop strong connections with their counselors and fellow campers.

I learned more about myself and became a better leader. I also learned about horses, mountains, and making great friends.

CamperHouston, TX

The Activities

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Homestead staff are trained to consider the physical and emotional needs of each camper, and create a fun-loving and supportive atmosphere for their campers. Homestead counselors schedule completely new activities each term, which makes the activities as exciting for the staff as they are for the campers. In Homestead, campers have a morning, afternoon, and evening activity every day in camp. While some activities are designed to build a foundation in certain skill sets, others are meant to be adventurous and imaginative.

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Homestead campers may practice archery or arts and crafts in the morning and go adventuring as space pirates or Egyptian royalty during the afternoon. Some homestead activities take place over three activity periods, while others take place during one activity period so campers have multiple opportunities to try new things. At night, Homestead campers participate in traditional camp activities like cookouts, campfires, and dances. Each Homestead camper will get to participate in a camp-wide special event day with a fun theme, and new exciting games to play.

The Trips

Homestead lays a foundation for outdoor appreciation with its out-of-camp trips. Homestead campers have all-day trips that leave camp for a relaxing day on the beach at Lemon Lake, or a train ride on the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which takes them on a historic journey through the beautiful San Juan Mountains.

A few of Homesteads trips include:

  • Engineer: A 3-day trip to climb Engineer Mountain. Climb your first mountain!
  • Mule Canyon: A 3-day trek to the Utah Canyon Country. See an ancient ancestral pueblo ruin!
  • Dolores River Tubing: A 3-day adventure to the Dolores River. Camp near the river, tube its tranquil waters, and catch crawdads!

During a term at camp, Homestead campers go on an overnight camping trip in the surrounding Red Creek Valley and a three-day, two-night trip in the backcountry. The three-day trip options could include anything from hiking to the top of Engineer Mountain, to tubing on the Dolores River, to exploring a desert canyon in Utah. Homestead is an excellent opportunity for campers to grow, and begin learning about independence and the outdoors! Homestead staff work hard to make sure campers are learning new skills and using their imagination