Last Minute Gift Ideas for Campers

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5. Miniature or Portable Games

Campers are always looking for new ways to interact and have fun with each other in the cabin or on the trail, and games are perfect for this! Games like UNO, Bananagrams, or even miniature board games like chess or checkers can make great gifts for campers and get a lot of use at camp!

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4. Point & Shoot Digital Camera

Any campers that want to take photos at camp or on the trail should have a digital point and shoot camera. Since campers do not have their phones at camp, and disposable cameras are getting harder to find, a small point and shoot digital camera is a great way to take pictures and preserve memories from a summer at CSC.

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3. A Journal and Portable Watercolor Set

For our artistic campers who’d like to be able to create art anywhere in camp or on the trail, a sturdy journal and a small portable watercolor set can be a great way to utilize your creativity and create art in the mountains or during downtime in camp.

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2. A Small Book on Plants and Animals of Colorado

We go to a lot of cool places and see lots of cool things at camp. Many campers get curious about certain flowers, plants, or animals. Wouldn’t it be fun if they could pull out a small field guide and identify and learn about a Colorado plant or animal!

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1. A Packable Camp Chair

Camp chairs have always been a popular item as they allow the user to sit down comfortably in the great outdoors. There are many styles out there like Crazy Creek or Helinox, but they all do one thing, give you a comfy place to sit and enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape that surrounds you!

We Wish Everyone A Happy Holiday Season!

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