Meet our 2023 Staff!

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Meet Sally! Sally is from Phoenix, AZ and is a long-time camper and staff member at CSC. She has spent a total of 13 summers with us between being a camper, nanny, and camp chef! Sally writes, “I love being at CSC. It is a family tradition, my mom was a camper the first year camp opened and returend as the chef for over 20 years! I loved growing up coming to cmap and feel blessed to share that experience with my own kids. I am so excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the camp experience for others. I own my own business, a kid’s cooking called Spill Batter. And I am hoping to hike Mount Hushek this summer!” Welcome back Sally!

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Meet Emily or Em! Emily hails from Northern Virginia, just outside of D.C and will be one of our Head Counselors this summer. This is Emily’s first year with CSC. Emily writes,“I wanted to experience a new place and mainly meet some new people. I’ve lived in Northern VA my whole life and feel like I need some new people to give me some new perspectives. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the staff and becoming a positive role model for the kids.” A fun fact about Emily is that she is colorblind!

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Meet Moose! Moose is returning for his 5th summer in the RCV and his 2nd as our Assistant Program Director. Moose is from Missoula, MT. He writes, “I love to share the joy of the outdoors with both staff and campers. I also want to help support our community to help staff and campers create lasting memories in the Red Creek Valley. I look forward to meeting a new community and explorin the outdoors with campers!” A fun fact about Moose, despite his high-adrenaline lifestyle, is that he has never broken a bone.

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Meet Caroline although many lots of people call her Caro! Caro will be one of our Head Counselors this summer! Caro is coming from Missoula, MT but was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO. Caro writes, “This is my first year at CSC and I’m STOKED. I’m coming to CSC because I love working with kiddos, being outside, and having fun! I’m super excited to be a part of the camp culture and meet so many lovely people! A fun fact is that I have been to 15 countries and 5 different continents! I am looking forward to backpacking in the San Juans and doing LOTS of arts and crafts in camp!”

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Meet Maya! Maya will be one of our amazing Head Counselors this summer. Maya writes,“Hi! My name is Maya Winfield. I am from Denver, Colorado, and this will be my second summer at CSC. I am a current sophomore at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, majoring in Environmental Science and Spanish. Last summer, I had the most amazing time with the Saddle ladies (ages 11-13) peaking mountains and exploring the outdoors around the Red Creek Valley, and I’m so excited to return and do it all again! A fun fact about me is that I can salsa dance to any song ever. I’m looking forward to doing some more rock climbing and hopefully peaking some new 14ers! Can’t wait to be back at CSC to see both old and new faces”

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Meet Ben! Ben will be one of our Assistant Counselors this summer. He is coming from Sioux Falls, SD. This will be Ben’s first summer with CSC. He is looking forward to branching out and is excited to meet all of his fellow staff members and our campers! A fun fact about Ben is that he used to run cross country!

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Meet Greta! But most of the time you’ll hear people calling her Gretcha, Gretie, or Grandma Gertie. Gretcha is coming from Madison, WI for her 2nd summer with CSC. She will be one of our Head Counselors. Gertie writes, “I’m coming back to CSC because I made so many valuable memories (including the trash juice) that I’m hoping to add to. I make friendship bracelets even when I’m not at camp. I’m looking forward to meeting my campers and seeing more of the CO backcountry!”

About Truman McGee

Truman joined the CSC community in 2018 as a Head Counselor for Silver Spruce and returned in 2019 as Outpost Coordinator. He made the move to the Red Creek Valley in the fall of 2021 to take up the mantle of Program Director. Truman grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Outdoor Education from Earlham College. As Program Director, Truman is focused on creating impactful and positive summers for CSC’s staff and campers. He is always looking for new ways to evolve our programs and trainings to be sure that our campers are set to have a summer of significance. In his off-time, Truman enjoys backpacking (his current obsession is High Routes), running, cooking, eating pizza and going to the desert with his partner Izzy and their dogs Pudda and Moki.

Truman McGee